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Peo Björke has been one of a few “key persons” for establishing two new cruise companies from Zero, Delfin Cruis­es build 2 small cruse ships, Delfin Clipper and Delfin Caravelle in Rauma Yards and EUROWAY, ferry-/ cruise operations between Malmö and Lubeck.


PeO is known in big part of the shipping community to be frontrunner for using new technology and for a few systems and first in the world with:


  • Lasers canners in all Viking ferries duty free shops in 1980, or almost 8 years before the competitors and the domestic markets in Europe.


  • In 1988 ICM used a normal Finnish Hotel-reservation system (Applico) connected a POS system, MICROS, in Delfin Clipper and you could check out on the TV in your cabin. During 20 years it has been further developed under ADS, and today it is used in many cruise lines worldwide. The system Micros-Fidelio was sold a few months ago to Oracle for 4,6 billon USD. The system is today in Åland Hotel- and Restaurant School and rented out by ICM since1988 and since 2010 by our leasing company BM RENT AB


  • In 1991, the Euroway first ship m/s Frans Suell (today m/s Gabriella) was planned with the first on-line satellite communication between ship and shore on a cruise ferry or ship. Unfortunately, Euroway became not the first, it was a Silja ship with assistance from ICM and Telenor that got the first installation. Today all cruise ships has on-line communication between ship and shore